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      Greggton First Baptist started as the result of a tent revival in March of 1932. A young preacher named Lee Smith rented a large tent and erected it on a hilltop in the little community of Willow Springs, just four miles west of the oilfield town of Longview, Texas.  Just a little over a week later, a group of 12 people organized themselves into a church.

     At that time, the church was called Willow Springs Baptist Church, but in November of 1932, when the town became incorporated, the townspeople decided to call the town Greggton, and Willow Springs Baptist Church became First Baptist Church of Greggton, Texas.  When Greggton became incorporated into Longview in the late 1950's, the name was changed once again to Greggton First Baptist Church.

      Greggton First Baptist Church has a rich history as an active church reaching out to those in the community around it.  Eighty plus years later, we are still carrying on the Commandment of reaching out to the lost and lonely around us.

     We are a family, a body of believers that worships together, fellowships together, and who loves all people.

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